Herbal Starter Kits

Making your own herbal remedies at home is simple, fun and effective medicine when you know how.

Our DIY herbal remedy kits have everything you need to confidently make herbal remedies at home! Let’s get you started.


Do you want to make your own herbal remedies?

Have you been using store-bought remedies for a while, or want to live a little more naturally? Perhaps you want to make your own because you’re trying to go plastic-free or low-tox, or you simply want to connect more with nature and the world around you!?


There are many places we can each start our journey with herbal medicine, but then you hit the roadblock: WHAT NOW?

HOW do I make my own remedies? And WHERE do I start?


A simple answer to all three – start here. Start with our DIY Herbal remedy kits.

They’re designed to cut the overwhelm, save you time & money, and build your confidence to make remedies yourself at home!


Woman in kitchen making herbal remedy cough syrup from the Make Your Own Herbal Remedy Starter Kit | learning herbal medicine | Everyday Empowered

Kits for Everyone

Designed with your busy life in mind, you’ll make a variety of remedies that will be immediately useful in everyday life! 

👉🏽Immunity Kit: Elderberry Syrup, Olive Leaf Tincture (extract), Echinacea sore throat spray, Astragalus and Shiitake medicinal broth, soothing Sage tea and 11 other recipes.

👉🏽Herbal Starter Kit: Calendula salve for cuts, scrapes and rashes, lavender lip balm, cough syrup, immune tonic, stress-busting tea and 10 more

👉🏽MINI Kit: Calendula salve, cough syrup and immune tonic.


 And want to know the magic sauce that’s in these kits!?

We’ve done all the hard yakka for you:

👉🏽sourcing premium organic herbs, the tins and bottles, beeswax or vegan wax, muslin cloth etc*

👉🏽designed expert-crafted remedies that you’ll actually use

👉🏽sourcing the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials we can (read more below)

*whilst we’ve given you everything we can in the kits, you’ll need basic kitchen equipment and pantry staples like olive oil, honey, garlic, old jars etc.


DIY Herbal Medicine Kit - out on kitchen bench ready to make. Best way to learn herbal medicine by Australian herbalists. Everyday Empowered. holistic herbalism

Immunity Herbal Remedy Kit

Knock illness on its head this cold season - simple, effective remedies for your home!
Herbal Starter Kit

Grow your home remedy skills with our full-sized Herbal Starter Kit

Great for beginner and intermediate alike- tried and true recipes for every home
Mum and daughter in kitchen looking at open kit to decide which herbal remedy to make together

Discover Herbs with our MINI Kit

Perfect for those looking to test the {herbal} waters. Makes a delightful gift!

Our Earth-friendly commitment

Everything in this kit is:

everyday-empowered-iconsArtboard 10 copy 5_lowresJPG

Proudly Australian designed and made

Small batch, hand-crafted on the Sunshine Coast

everyday-empowered-iconsArtboard 10 copy 6_lowresJPG

Home compostable or recyclable

From certified suppliers

everyday-empowered-iconsArtboard 10 copy 7_lowresJPG

Sustainable packaging

Packaging made from plants or post-consumer waste

everyday-empowered-iconsArtboard 10 copy 8_lowresJPG

Organic and humane

To people, bees, and the planet


We’ve honestly dedicated hours to sourcing from only the most earth-friendly companies. We’ve prioritised local, Australian businesses that align with our with our stringent eco-friendly standards.

Every business we work with actively has sustainability as part of its core mission and they take loving our planet seriously. If you’re interested, we’d love for you to read more about our sustainability ethos, including our supply chain and earth-friendly commitment.

Our Community Commitment

5% profit from every Herbal Starter Kit sold will go towards local herbal community projects on the Sunshine Coast.

To work with plants is to step into a lineage of care for people and care for the earth.  We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the herbs and we’re committed to giving back.

These community herbal projects are designed to care for people, plants and our bio-region. The money raised will be used for projects such as equitable access to herbal medicine, bioregional conservation of plants and plant habitats, supporting First Nations herbalists, etc.

As we develop the projects, we’ll get the Everyday Empowered community involved, so make sure you’re on the mailing list if you want to be part of making a difference!


Who are we?

This kit has been lovingly created by duo Cat Green and Heidi Merika.

Heidi is a clinical herbalist, author and passionate forager who’s been educating people about herbal medicine for more than 20 years. Cat is a home herbalist and she studied herbs to use with her family, and has made every mistake in the book!

Together we bring together a unique understanding of how to best support you to get started on the plant path.

So, if you want to learn herbal remedies but you’re not sure where to start – this kit is designed to:

  • cut out the overwhelm by providing everything you need to get started
  • be super relevant – each herb and recipe has been thoughtfully chosen so it’s actually useful for your daily life
  • give you peace of mind, trusting we’re expertly guiding you as you develop your skills
  • be easy and fun with simple and straightforward instructions, as well as some additional information about holistic herbal medicine
  • support you – we’ll provide extra tips, tricks and resources on our socials, newsletter and website to help you make the most of your plant medicine journey!

Want more?

Discover the support available for you on your herbal journey.


Join HerbFolk

Our monthly Herbal Learning Community



Celebrate with us at our annual Sunny Coast HerbFest.


Seasonal Self-Care Series

Learn to attune your lifestyle and self-care practices to the seasons.


Books are invaluable companions as we learn new skills.

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Articles and resources for practical herbal wellbeing and health.

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