Reflection questions for Winter Wisdom

7 Aug 2022 | Cultures, Emotions, Featured, Personal and Family

Did you know that in many cultures, winter represents time for inner reflection and surrendering to wisdom. It’s a time to contemplate WHO WE ARE in the world and HOW we’re showing up.
I think it’s about taking time apart from the chaotic clamour of the world’s voices to make sure that we are in fact, following our own inner voice. Ensuring that our lives reflect our deep values and our priorities.
In fact, when we work with the seasons,it amplifies our efforts, making such work much more powerful when done in alignment with the natural world.

We can use this annual time to ensure we’re living the lives we most want to lead.

Before we get to the questions, let’s take some time to set ourselves up:
The following are best answered from a place of stillness and quiet. So make sure you set aside some time for yourself where you won’t be distracted. If it’s part of your practice, or you think it would help you, you can use ritual, such as lighting a candle, sitting outside, making a cuppa, starting with breathwork – whatever would feel supportive and familiar to you.

In case you couldn’t see the images, the questions (more prompts are in the images)

⭐ What do you value most in life?
⭐ Does your life currently reflect those values?
⭐ Who are you now?
⭐ Who do you want to become?
⭐ What small changes can you make to better align with the life you most want to lead?

I really hope these questions prompt clarity and insight.

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