Life’s better when you hang out with people who get you.

At Everyday Empowered, you’re part of a community. We love nature, support each other,  and laugh uproariously as we reclaim our home herbal wisdom.

We’re all here to learn how to care for our health naturally… but we’re also here to ‘fill our own cups’ and nourish ourselves along the way!





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Gorgeous friends smiling at Sunny Coast HerbFest, herbal medicine event on the Sunshine Coast. Image of two women smiling, with one holding a baby.

HerbFest 2024 Ticket

Sunny Coast HerbFest is our biggest celebration and gathering on the Sunshine Coast each year. You’ll love: 🌿being inspired by

Post-HerbFest MASTERCLASS in 5 Element Nutrition. Learn how to use food as medicine with this ancient chinese medicine wisdom. Image is of Kimberly Ashton stirring a salad. Natural Health workshop | Everyday Empowered
HerbFest Masterclass

Chinese Medicine 5 Element Nutrition Masterclass

What’s the surprising overlooked factor in modern conversations on diet? The changing seasons. If the seasons ebb and flow throughout

Image of Tatiana Dawn, community herbalist and owner Alchemilla Herbals. Workshop on plantain herb, community herbal medicine workshop a s a Post-HerbFest event | Everyday Empowered.
HerbFest Masterclass

Plantain Herb Masterclass

Feel called to connect more deeply with the wild green world outside your door? Come explore the majesty and medicine

Image of three natural handcrafted herbal lotions (or herbal creams). Three coloured herbal lotions - brown, yellow and green in brown glass jars). Herbal lotions-making workshop for beginners as part of the Herb Folk, monthly herbal medicine workshops on the Sunshine Coast and great Brisbane region.
Herb Folk

Handcrafting Herbal Lotions: A Beginner’s workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own herbal creams and lotions at home you’re in for an absolute treat.