Are you ready to really build confidence and mastery with your herbalism? Are you ready to understand your herbs, the intricacies of common herbal techniques and feel like you know what you’re doing!

You’re in the right spot.

Online and in-person courses on the Sunshine Coast – custom designed to support your herbal journey.


herbal medicine is about stewardship and connection…

stewarding the gift of our own health & deep connection to ourselves, and the world around us – bridged through the plants

elderberries in bowl on table - making herbal remedies - learning to make herbal remedies - study herbs - herbs for immunity - DIY Immunity Herbal Remedy Kit and online Immunity Course | Everyday Empowered

Building Immunity Course - Online

In 4 weeks, learn the tools and info you need to support you and your family’s wellness.

You’ll walk away from this course:

  • understanding how the immune system works
  • The 3 key phases of your immune system and the different strategies they require
  • 6 key herbs for the immune system

You’ll quickly learn how to make remedies and simple hacks to building your immune system through the course material (recordings and pdfs) and tutorial-style zoom calls where you can watch or join in with live demonstrations and Q&A.

This is the companion course to our Immunity Kit – can take as a standalone course or bundle withe Kit for extra savings.

May 2025. We only run this course once per year.

woman tasting herbal medicine. Knowing herbal tastes help us become more confident home herbalists. An Everyday Empowered course.

Embodied Herbalism - Herbal Tastes

Our taste buds are a potent gateway to deeply understanding herbal medicine.

Herbal tastes give us patterns for how herbs might work in our body (based on what constituents are present) and what the best medicine-making technique will be for each herb.

In this deeply experiential course, you’ll build your own relationship with the herbs through direct experience with the 5 major tastes: pungent, bitter, sweet, salty and sour.

This course runs once/ year. It’ll be back around February 2025.

Everyday Herbalism - online

Some of the best herbs to meet as beginners are also powerful medicines that our ancestors carefully passed down to us. That’s WHY they’re familiar!

In this 4 week course,  you’ll meet these herbs, go beyond stereotypes and learn titbits you’ve never heard before. This way you’ll learn their nuance, how to make the most of what you’ve got and never get caught out on your home remedies again.

These herbs are also the best ones to work with as a family – as they’re all multi-purpose powerhouses, yet are gentle enough for the whole family – babies to elders and everyone in between.

This is the companion course to our Herbal Starter Kit – you can take it as a stand-alone or make extra savings by bundling it with the kit.

Course starts October 2024 (at this stage probably mid-Oct to mid-Nov, but will confirm start dates mid-year).

We only run this course once per year.


Wild Sunshine (working name)

Want to remember how to feel at home in the natural world?

In this 3 or 6 month seasonal journey of foraging, medicinal gardening and medicine-making you’ll get your hands dirty and your heart full.

This bio-regional herbal medicine course will introduce you to plants that grow abundantly in our subtropical region of the Sunshine Coast – both wild and in the garden.

You’ll learn to grow or forage, when to harvest for optimal medicinal content, how to process, dry and store and then actually make remedies — we’ll cover it all. 

This course brings it all together, and is ultimately designed around connecting deeply with place, to feel a sense of belonging and familiarity and to bloom where you’re planted.

Still in development – so final details coming second half 2024.

This will be an in-person course on the Sunshine Coast, probably running over autumn and winter 2025.

Contact me to join waitlist (click here)

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children

-original author unknown

Want more?

We’ve got lots of opportunities to learn, even when courses aren’t running.

Sunshine Coast locals:

Herb Folk– monthly workshops – herbal medicinal learning community

HerbFest – annual celebration of our herbal community – speakers, demonstrations, herbal market stalls, food and drink, live music and kids corner. In June every year.

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