Herb Folk

Sunshine Coast

Herb Folk is an informal herbal learning community located on Gubbi Gubbi/ Kabi Kabi country/ Sunshine Coast.

It’s all about connecting deeply with nature through plants, and we look at how to use herbs in daily life. And the best part!? We get to share our nature-loving, herb journey together!


How does it work?

Each session will be different, because there’s a whole world to explore together. Having said that, usually we’ll dive deep into one plant at a time. The reason is because there’s SO MANY great herbs and plant allies, and meeting them all at once can be a little overwhelming.

By taking it slow, and learning one herb at a time, our learning will be richer and deeper and then we’ll be able to confidently integrate it into our home healing and cooking repertoire.

Join us

Browse our upcoming Herb Folk events

Image of three natural handcrafted herbal lotions (or herbal creams). Three coloured herbal lotions - brown, yellow and green in brown glass jars). Herbal lotions-making workshop for beginners as part of the Herb Folk, monthly herbal medicine workshops on the Sunshine Coast and great Brisbane region.
Herb Folk

Handcrafting Herbal Lotions: A Beginner’s workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own herbal creams and lotions at home you’re in for an absolute treat.

“My idea of a good herbalist isn’t someone who knows the uses of forty different herbs, but someone who knows how to use one herb in forty different ways.”

Svevo Brooks

Past events

Curious? Want to know what our Herb Folk events look like?

Check out a few pictures from Herb Folk: Elderflower/ Elderberry with Karen McElroy (note – we’re not normally in the garden but it was delightful!)


Each event is a collaboration with wonderful local herbalists and naturopaths who want to share their wisdom, insight and deep relationship with our plant friends.

Here are the herbs and topics we’ve already covered.


Find books to support you on your herbal journey.

These books are your friends and companions on the journey to loving your life by living it skillfully.

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