Seasonal Self Care

Seasonal living is a powerful way for us to reclaim a relationship with ourselves and the world around us. It reminds us that we aren’t separate to, but an integral part of nature.

Beyond just knowing there are seasons, learning to attune our lifestyle and self-care practices to them, gives us an opportunity to create more vitality, well-being, balance and joy in our lives.


Why seasonal living?

Seasonal living is the art of paying attention to the seasons and aligning our lifestyle and self-care practices to their rhythm.

In our 21st century culture, living with awareness of the seasons is no longer a given, but something we have to choose to pay attention to. Our lives are increasingly detached from nature, governed by the placelessness of the internet, coupled with a fast-paced, productivity-focused culture.

Despite our lack of attention, seasonal shifts and the rhythms of the natural world shape our health and well-being. As the plants surge to life in spring and summer, so do we. As they return to rest and stillness in winter, so do we. The ancient healing traditions all agreed that living out-of-alignment with these natural rhythms was a guaranteed way to bring about imbalance and disease.

Seasonal living gives us the opportunity to be “more aware of ourselves, more fully who we are as human beings”.

Quoted from John Kirkwood’s book, The Way of the 5 Elements

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What is this event?

Seasonal Self-Care +  Nature Connection is a series of events that will focus on helping you get to know your body and our local seasons better, as well as how you can care for yourself simply and naturally. We’ll draw from many wisdom traditions and weave together an eclectic mix of skills and knowledge as a community.

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This series is currently on pause.

I am passionate about seasonal living but haven’t quite found the right format for us to learn together. If you want to hear when it’s re-formulated, please join the mailing list – below – and if you’ve got ideas, please use the contact form to let me know!


Find books to support you on your seasonal self-care journey.

Whilst I don’t have any books in stock at the moment specifically about seasonal living – the Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic books, as well as many of the herbal titles all cover seasonal living as this is a foundational aspect of holistic health.

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