Hi, I’m Cat

I almost got a whole plane quarantined during an overseas medical evacuation.

You probably don’t hear that every day!

Some people could have seen this as rock bottom (and after 3 months in Indonesian hospitals maybe it was), but mostly, I see it as one of those gifts you never really wanted but love when you get it.

Amidst a decade-long recovery and other health challenges, I had a lightbulb moment when I discovered herbal medicine.


Cat Green straining tea in kitchen. Making herbal remedy from the Herbal Starter Kit. How to study herbal medicine to use at home | Everyday Empowered

Herbal medicine has a long history as the people’s medicine.

In losing our herbal folk traditions, we’ve also lost something more precious – our empowerment!


Lost connections

Herbal knowledge used to be commonplace. Every home had enough healing skills to take care of themselves day-to-day.

We’ve lost this, and I bet you feel this keenly cause I did too.

That’s exactly why I’m here – to bring herbs back where they belong – to our home, gardens and community.

If you’re anything like me though, you deeply want to reclaim these simple skills, yet you’re always so. darn. busy.

You’re probably a little (or lot) confused by all the noise online, the conflicting information and perhaps feeling intimidated by where to start.

I’ve stood exactly where you are now, and after a decade of studying and working with herbs, I teach herbal medicine in a straight-up way. It’s so fun and easy-to-understand, you won’t even feel like you’re learning… but you will be!

I’m so grateful when I hear feedback like this from my students: “the wisdom embodied in Cat shines out and is easily transferred…she is phenomenal!”

Learning these simple skills puts that power –

that capacity – back in your hands.

When life’s chucks you a wild card, you’ll feel “I’ve got This”.

Ready to get started!? How do you like to learn —

Through hands-on doing? You’ll love the DIY Remedy Kits

By actively asking questions and hearing real-world experience? You’ll love our online courses

Learning with others? Join my in person herbal medicine workshops on the Sunshine Coast?

Still not sure?! Start with my Top 3 Remedies for Every Home!

Home herbalism is all about

to really take charge of our family’s health, our herbal traditions are built on:

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Everyday Microskills

Holistic health is built through slow, steady consistent actions.

Simple skills, habits and attitudes. Building our self-care, self-connection toolkit.

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Health Sovereignty

Being response-able for your health. Feeling empowered and in charge. Feeling confident to be the author of your own story, even amidst the plot twists you didn’t plan on.
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Building a relationship with yourself through paying attention, deep listening and showing tender care.

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Seasonal Living

We are cyclical beings, governed by the same forces of the planet. Our health and well-being is guided by the seasons, and by the moon, the sun, the stars and our menstrual cycles (if you’re menstruating).

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Sustainable Personal & Family Culture

Building regular habits and rhythms that nourish you and your family for the long-term.

Heidi Merika and Cat Green pouring tea and talking how to study herbal remedies in Australia | Everyday Empowered

Our team

Heidi Merika works with me on creating the popular Herbal Starter Kits and companion online courses.

She’s is an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants.

A leader in the movement to incorporate wild weeds into our both our medicine and our food, Heidi’s a popular educator, and Wildcraft author, alongside working at Everyday Empowered.


Cat Green

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Home herbalism is best done as a community thing. I’d love to hear from you!