We help busy people master herbal medicine at home, using herbs to care for yourself and family more naturally as well as connecting more deeply to yourself and the earth.

Everyone’s different, so we offer a variety of ways to learn about herbs – from in-person workshops and online courses; our award-winning DIY Herbal Remedy Kits and our annual HerbFest celebration. We’re here to help you feel confident making and using herbs and holistic self-care strategies in your home.

Meet Everyday Empowered founder – Cat Green, our team and what we’re all about.

Cat Green straining tea in kitchen. Making herbal remedy from the Herbal Starter Kit. How to study herbal medicine to use at home | Everyday Empowered

Reclaiming herbal medicine skills for vibrant health…

cultivate your health simply and naturally everyday.


Hi, I'm Cat.

As a folk herbalist and homeschooling mom, you’ll usually find me surrounded by plants, people, books, dirty dishes and if I ever come to your place, I’ll most likely compliment you on your weeds 🙂

Working with herbs has transformed my health and relationship with the world around me. I’m passionate about helping all of us reclaim our home herbal traditions – because they’re simple, effective herbal medicine and there’s so many things I wish were common knowledge but aren’t.

I’m lucky enough to have studied with many herbal teachers, as well as being mentored and working alongside Heidi Merika. Before diving headlong into herbal medicine and homeschool life, I was doing a PhD on community-led development. Everyday Empowered brings it all together so we can care for ourselves, each other and the earth.

Foundational Pillars

All my events, projects and products are built on these five pillars.

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Everyday Microskills

Holistic health is built through slow, steady consistent actions.

Simple skills, habits and attitudes. Building our self-care, self-connection toolkit.

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Health Sovereignty

Being response-able for your health. Feeling empowered and in charge. Feeling confident to be the author of your own story, even amidst the plot twists you didn’t plan on.
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Building a relationship with yourself through paying attention, deep listening and showing tender care.

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Seasonal Living

We are cyclical beings, governed by the same forces of the planet. Our health and well-being is guided by the seasons, and by the moon, the sun, the stars and our menstrual cycles (if you’re menstruating).

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Sustainable Personal & Family Culture

Building regular habits and rhythms that nourish you and your family for the long-term.

Why did I start Everyday Empowered?

My story starts in a hospital in Indonesia. It probably started long before that, but this is the snapshot in time that marked a beginning. I ended up in hospital for 3 months before being medi-vacced back to Australia. I almost got the whole plane quarantined, before being whisked straight to hospital quarantine. Thus begun my long road to recovery after two infectious tropical diseases. After not walking for 3 months, I had lost lots of weight and muscle tone. I used to wish my physio could do daily house visits, or maybe even just be my personal body slave, as I learnt to re-use and rebuild my core muscles, as well as my gut health and immune health.

Over the last 12 years, I have worked with amazing holistic practitioners who have helped me on the return to vibrancy and vitality. And yet, at the end of the day, I am the one who is in my body every day. I am the first to know what is working, what feels off, and when I need to dip into my personal toolbox of mind-body-heart strategies to regain balance.

When it comes to having vibrant health and a flourishing life, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. It is imperative that we know how our bodies work, what messages they’re sending us and that we have a toolbox of simple, holistic health strategies to help us respond and re-calibrate when things go off course.
This is what Everyday Empowered is all about – helping you feel good everyday by building your personal holistic health toolkit of simple skills and habits. In the process you’ll get to know yourself a lot better, and this deeper, hopefully more compassionate relationship with self is really the foundation of a vibrant life.

I’ve tried to make it as FUN and EASY as possible for you to learn these everyday skills with the Herbal Starters Kits and companion courses, community learning groups and workshops, free resources and our flagship  herbal community celebration HerbFest.

Heidi Merika and Cat Green pouring tea and talking how to study herbal remedies in Australia | Everyday Empowered

Our team

Heidi Merika

Heidi Merika is an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants.

A leader in the movement to incorporate wild weeds into our both our medicine and our food, Heidi is passionate about getting herbalism into more hands and homes.

She’s a popular educator, and Wildcraft author, alongside working at Everyday Empowered.

Heidi works with me on creating the popular Herbal Starter Kits and companion online courses.


Most of my workshops and courses are delivered in collaboration with a range of skilled practitioners – most of whom I consider masters of their craft. You can meet them all as we go along by browsing the event pages – and hopefully  joining us at an event or course!

Cat Green

Let's talk

I’d love to hear from you! Contact me to discuss events, products and collaboration opportunities, or just to say hi as a fellow enthusiast!