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Herbal medicine doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery…

Do you feel overwhelmed, lost or confused about herbal medicine and how to make and use herbs in daily life!? I’m so glad you’re here! I offer practical, straight-forward and fun ways for you to learn to care for yourself and family more naturally.

DIY Herbal Medicine Kit - out on kitchen bench ready to make. Best way to learn herbal medicine by Australian herbalists. Everyday Empowered. holistic herbalism

The BEST place to start your herbal medicine journey.

We all come to herbal medicine for various reasons — whether you want to care for your family more naturally, save money, go zero-waste or low-tox, or learn to use what’s growing in your garden — this DIY Herbal Medicine Kit is the easiest, most enjoyable place to start.

  • 17 expert-backed remedies
  • 6 all-star herbs (and tins, wax, spray bottle etc!)
  • remedies you’ll actually use – not just for the coughs and sore throats, but also cuts and scrapes, taming stress, improving sleep, calming fussy kids {or adults}, supporting your immune system etc.

With expert advice + the convenience of a kit – you’ll be living your natural living dream in no time!

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    Herbal Medicine events & courses on the Sunshine Coast or online.

    Learn to take care of yourself/ family naturally with herbs and holistic self-care skills through these amazing events and courses.

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    Image of three natural handcrafted herbal lotions (or herbal creams). Three coloured herbal lotions - brown, yellow and green in brown glass jars). Herbal lotions-making workshop for beginners as part of the Herb Folk, monthly herbal medicine workshops on the Sunshine Coast and great Brisbane region.
    Herb Folk

    Handcrafting Herbal Lotions: A Beginner’s workshop

    If you’ve ever wanted to make your own herbal creams and lotions at home you’re in for an absolute treat.

    Hi, I'm Cat

    I’m an enthusiastic life learner with a passion for herbs, wild spaces, good books and great conversations and I’m on a mission to bring herbs back where they belong – into our homes.

     I started my herbal journey after years of dramatic health issues and studied more intentionally when I had kids. I knew I wanted to care for them and myself naturally, and I also wanted to make sense of all the conflicting information coming at me from all directions.

    I wanted to feel empowered – to feel confident in choosing the right remedies and home health-care strategies for myself and my family; not just what worked for someone else.


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