Immunity course

I think after the last few years we can all agree building our immunity is a good idea. But, the million dollar question – how to do it?

How can you use herbs in daily life to nourish your immune system?

How can you support your immune system using things you’re already doing – like brushing your teeth, making tea or cooking?

What are the best herbs to use (and when do I use them?

How does the immune system even work?

I’m the main home health caretaker in my house – how do I help my kids?

If you want to find out the answer to any of these questions, you’ll LOVE our live 4 week online Immunity Course.


Cat Green - pouring tea from kettle with chopping board of veggies in on bench. making herbal remedies - how to study herbs and use natural remedies at home. DIY Immunity Remedy Kit and Immunity online course | Everyday Empowered
elderberries in bowl on table - making herbal remedies - learning to make herbal remedies - study herbs - herbs for immunity - DIY Immunity Herbal Remedy Kit and online Immunity Course | Everyday Empowered

Designed for YOU

Designed for modern people (aka busy, stressed, often suffering ill-health and wanting an easier, more natural way to build immunity, vitality and well-being at home).

This 4 week course will help you understand the basics of how the immune system works, as well as simple remedies, lifestyle habits and strategies for building it in daily life.

You’ll become deeply familiar with 6 key immune system herbs. The herbs are a fabulous  mix of proactively building the immune system, responding to acute infection and helping us rebuild after illness.


Immunity course – overview

How does it work?

Each week you’ll get your course materials and a live tutorial-style session.

The course materials will be both pre-recorded video and a pdf monograph (information pages about each herb).

In our live sessions – we’ll do some live remedy-making demonstrations, and answer your questions. We want it to be a fully responsive course, so we’ll also invite the course cohort to tell us how we can best use that time together.


What plants will we cover?

This is the companion course to the IMMUNITY Remedy Kit, so the herbs we’ll cover are:

  • Elderberry
  • Astragalus
  • Shiitake
  • Sage
  • Olive leaf
  • Echinacea


Key Dates

Course enrollment closes: April 26

⭐ Course starts: Wednesday May 3 ⭐

Course ends: Wednesday May 24

Course dates:

Starting Wednesday May 3, the course will run for 4 weeks until May 24.

The live sessions will be Wednesday at TIME – TBC.

A recording will be sent out the following day, easily downloadable from a Dropbox Folder.

Course Can I make this a self-paced course?

Of course!  

All the resources will be available for 3 months following the end of the course for students to access. If you haven’t finished by then, it’s easy to download the course materials to study at your own pace.


More questions answered below


“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules”

~Anthony Trollope


picture Heidi Merika. learning herbs. herbal education. online building immunity course about how to boost and build immunity naturally with herbs for immunity.

About your teachers

The Immunity Kit and course have been co-developed by Heidi Merika and Cat Green and together we’ll co-teach this course. As our resident clinical herbalist, Heidi is the principal teacher for this course and Cat’s being mentored to step up into more teaching roles.

Heidi is an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants.

A leader in the movement to incorporate wild weeds into our both our medicine and our food, Heidi is passionate about getting herbalism into more hands and homes.

She’s a popular educator, both in person and online, and she regularly runs Wildcrafting courses.

Cat has been a family herbalist for many years, and founded Everyday Empowered a few years ago. Having completed intermediate herbal studies, she is still actively learning with a variety of herbal teachers and mentors to step into more of a community herbalist role – still focusing on home herbalism. Learn more about Cat

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I’m so keen! How much does it cost?

We’re so glad you want to nourish your immunity at home with these herbs and simple remedies and strategies.

Bundle – Online course with Immunity Remedy Kit (which is valued at $130): $300

Online course just by itself: $200


Payment Plans are available – just choose PayPal at checkout and select the Pay in 4 option)

When does this course start?

May 3 and it runs until May 24

You have the option of joining live or self-study pace.

How long does the course go for?

The course runs for four weeks. May 3 until May 24.

You can follow along with us every week – either live or through replays, or you can have the option of self-paced study in your own time. The benefit of following us live is getting feedback and support and being able to ask questions from her and the others in the group.

How much time do I need to spend on the course each week?

 Ideally, we recommend:

Allow 15-30minutes to read your PDF
Allow 20 minutes – 2 hours to make a remedy each week (depending on what you choose to make, this could be quick or more in-depth)
1 hour to watch and participate in the zoom calls

With this recommendation, we also know that life is busy, so just honour yourself and your time as needed. You’ve spent money on the course, so take time to connect with your intention and reason for joining us. This might help you prioritise the space for these 6 weeks to dive deeply into learning about these plants. But as always, take time of yourself – you know your own life and capacity best.

I can't make some of the dates or times for the live course - can I still do it?

If you can’t make the live calls you can still do the course as you will still receive the PDF’s, the Kit and the recording of the live calls.

You can also email Cat with questions and Heidi and I can answer, either via email or in the live calls. You will also have access to the Facebook group so you can share your questions and experiences with your other people on your course.

What if I change my mind?

Once you have signed up you can cancel and get a refund anytime before:

  • your kit has been shipped out to you.
  • the course has started and you’ve recieved course materials such as the group pages, pdfs or videos

After that there’s no refunds but you’ll be able to self-study at your own pace if you’re busier than you realised.

Can I join from Overseas?


How do I pay? Are there payment plans?

You can pay online via Paypal or Stripe using my website.

Payment plans are available – please contact me to discuss as I’m currently figuring out how to offer this on my payment gateway.

Do I need to print any resources?

You will receive the PDF’s as digital file. You don’t have to print them unless you prefer to have them as hard copies.


If you choose to buy the course andImmunity Remedy Kit bundle – the recipes in the kit are already printed on cards for you.

Do I need anything not in the kit?

All of the herbs, and bits and pieces you’ll need are in the kit.

But yes, you’ll ned some basic pantry supplies that are very easy to access and most likely already in your cupboard – such as olive oil, honey, lemons etc.

Does this course give me CPE points, certification or a qualification?

No this course does not give you any practitioner qualifications.

If you are already a practitioner you can request a certificate for 24 hours of CPE points in herbal medicine education.

Will this Course allow me to create remedies to sell?

Perhaps. This cousre covers many common techniques and remedies however to sell products you might want to research other prepataion techniques or food preservation as well.


Having said that, yes. Many people go on to sell remedies they have made as a result of these courses.

My child loves herbal medicine, will this course suit them?

It depends on the age of your child. If they are over 12 years old and open to talk of energetics then they can participate on their own. If they are under 12 you may want to do the course with your child or assist them where you feel it is needed.


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