Everyday Herbalism

There’s a deluge of herbal info online these days, but what we think is missing from herbal education in Australia is a practical, hands-on approach that is tailored to YOU!

Starts October 3, 11am – 12:30.

You’ll leave this course having developed:

  • the foundations you need to successfully use herbs to support your everyday health
  • deep, embodied relationships with 6 powerful plant allies
  • hands-on, practical experience making simple, effective herbal remedies

Wanting to use herbs in daily life isn't the same as *actually* using them

We know how hard it can be to get started making remedies at home. Sure, there’s so much info online, but these skills aren’t handed down as part of our cultural lineage anymore, so they can still seem really foreign and unattainable.

Can I REALLY do that? Will this ACTUALLY work? WHERE do I even get the supplies I need? 🤔😬😯

Heidi Merika and I want to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you to get started making herbal remedies at home today — you’ve seen our Herbal Starter Kits and our companion online courses.

Everyday Herbalism

Everyday Herbalism is the online companion course to the DIY Herbal Starter Kit.

After 4 weeks, you’ll be brimming with confidence and hands-on skills to really start taking care of yourself and those you love.

How does it work?

Over the 4 weeks, you will learn the basic, foundational concepts you need to know to be an effective home herbalist.

You’ll move beyond stereotypes and ‘this-herb-for-that-illness’ learning and understand the personality of each herb as well as the multitude of ways to use them in your home.

Honestly – if you only have 6 herbs in life, these 6 will take you far if you know how to use them – saves time, money, effort and honors the plant.

The sessions will be run from 11am to 12.30pm on Tuesday morning via Zoom live video conference. A recording of the session will be available the next day.

The Plants we’ll be working with will be:
Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Thyme, Licorice and Tulsi

What will I get with the course?

You will get:

  • The Herbal Starter Kit, with 17 recipes and everything you need to make them (assuming you  have basic pantry supplies)
  • PDFs of in-depth plant monographs (information about the herb)
  • links to Zoom live video sessions or recordings.

Key Dates


Register by September 22 to make sure your DIY Herbal Starter Kit arrives in time (but you can register right up until the start day)

Course starts: Tuesday, October 3, 11am – 12:30pm.

Course ends: Tuesday, October 24

Being mentored by a leading Australian herbalist (Heidi) and folk family herbalist (Cat), one plant at time, is an incredible, not-to-be missed experience.

By the end of Everyday Herbalism: The Basics you will know the following about your 6 plants:

  • Chemical constituents,
  • Actions,
  • Indications,
  • Herbal energetics E.g. heating, cooling, drying etc and what this means and how it relates to you physical constitution
  • How and when to harvest
  • Safe doses
  • How to use the herb in different ways E.g. tincture, tea, powder, oil etc. If you have the Herbal Starter Kit with the course – you’ll also have recipes and all the herbs and things you’ll need to make them (not including basic pantry items)
  • Cautions and contraindication
  • Folklore
  • Spirit qualities
  • Have had your own experiences and communication with the plants (via live shamanic drum journey)

The depth of relationship and understanding you develop with these these plants will serve you for the rest of your life. It will also serve as a framework for getting to know other plants in the future.

It’s not about how many herbs you know

It’s about how you use them.

It’s not about how many herbs you know

but about actually using them.

It’s not about how many herbs you know

but about being in relationship with the living world.


Heidi Merika and Cat Green pouring tea and talking how to study herbal remedies in Australia | Everyday Empowered

About your teachers

The DIY Herbal Starter Kit and course have been co-developed by Heidi Merika and Cat Green and together we’ll co-teach this course. As our resident clinical herbalist, Heidi is the principal teacher for this course and Cat’s being mentored to step up into more teaching roles.

Heidi is an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants.

A leader in the movement to incorporate wild weeds into our both our medicine and our food, Heidi is passionate about getting herbalism into more hands and homes.

She’s a popular educator, both in person and online, and she regularly runs Wildcrafting courses.

Cat has been a family herbalist for many years, and founded Everyday Empowered a few years ago. Having completed intermediate herbal studies, she is still actively learning with a variety of herbal teachers and mentors to step into more of a community herbalist role – still focusing on her passion for home herbalism. Learn more about Cat

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I’m so keen! How much does it cost?

We’re so glad you want to deepen your relationship with these herbs and start mastering herbalism in your home.

Online course with Herbal Starter Kit (which is valued at $130): $300.

Online course just by itself: $200

To pay in installments, choose PayPal Pay in 4 at checkout.

When does this course start?

The next round of Everyday Herbalism will be in 2023.

Whenever it is, you have the option of joining live or self-study pace.

How long does the course go for?

The course runs for 4 weeks. October 3 until October 24.

You can follow along with us every week – either live or through replays, or you can have the option of self-paced study in your own time. The benefit of following us live is getting feedback and support from Heidi and Cat and being able to ask questions from her and the others in the group.

How much time do I need to spend on the course each week?

 Ideally, we recommend:

Allow 15-30minutes to read your PDF
Allow 20 minutes – 2 hours to make a remedy each week (depending on what you choose to make, this could be quick or more in-depth)
1 hour to watch and participate in the zoom calls
15 – 30 min a day meditate, journal, paint, draw, and work with your plants

With this recommendation, we also know that life is busy, so just honour yourself and your time as needed. You’ve spent money on the course, so take time to connect with your intention and reason for joining us. This might help you prioritise the space for these 6 weeks to dive deeply into learning about these plants. But as always, take time of yourself – you know your own life and capacity best.

I can't make some of the dates or times for the live course - can I still do it?

If you can’t make the live calls you can still do the course as you will still receive the PDF’s, the Kit and the recording of the live calls. You can also email Heidi with questions that she can answer in the live calls. You will also have access to the Facebook group so you can share your questions and experiences with your other people on your course.

What if I change my mind?

Once you have signed up you can cancel and get a refund anytime until your kit has been shipped out to you. After that there’s no refunds but you’ll be able to self-study at your own pace if you’re busier than you realised.

Can I join from Overseas?

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How do I pay? Are there payment plans?

You can pay online via Paypal or Stripe using my website.

Payment plans are available – please contact me to discuss as I’m currently transitioning to a new website and payment system.

Do I need to print any resources?

You will receive the PDF’s as digital file. You don’t have to print them unless you prefer to have them as hard copies. The recipes in the kit are already printed on cards for you.

Do I need anything not in the kit?

All of the herbs, and bits and pieces you’ll need are in the kit. We’re assuming you’ve got basic pantry supplies or can access things easily at the supermarket – such as olive oil, honey, lemons etc.

Does this course give me CPE points, certification or a qualification?

No this course does not give you any practitioner qualifications.

If you are already a practitioner you can request a certificate for 24 hours of CPE points in herbal medicine education.

Will this Course allow me to create remedies to sell?

Yes. Many people go on to sell remedies they have made as a result of these courses.

My child loves herbal medicine, will this course suit them?

It depends on the age of your child. If they are over 12 years old and open to talk of energetics then they can participate on their own. If they are under 12 you may want to do the course with your child or assist them where you feel it is needed.

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