Embodied Herbalism – Herbal Tastes

It’s time to take herbal education out of your head, and into your body!  Build clarity, confidence and mastery through direct experience with herbs. This course will run simultaneously online AND in-person! Your taste buds are gonna want to be there!


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Build mastery through direct experience

These days the internet has a chaotic jumble of herbal medicine recipes and info available. Whilst I’m super grateful for this access and find lots of inspiration, I honestly also find it fragmented, confusing and at times downright overwhelming – especially when there’s so many conflicting opinions!

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • actually feel confident to just make herbal medicine at home, and stop learning just with your head
  • have a clear framework for understanding your herbs
  • feel you’re not just relying on what someone told you, but have a way of actually understanding herbal medicine and building up your OWN capacity and relationship with the plants.
  • be able to understand why some herbalists say x, others say y and have enough info you feel you can make your own informed, educated choices.


This is exactly what you can expect from the Embodied Herbalism: Herbal Tastes course.

Embodied Herbalism – Herbal Tastes course

In Embodied Herablism, you’ll learn to understand herbal tastes and how that translates to herbal actions and best preparation methods. More importantly though, you’ll be guided to build your own relationship with the plants and build confidence in your own hands-on, embodied, experiential learning.

 Understanding herbal tastes, you’ll be able to:

  1. know the general patterns of how these herbs work in our body
  2. know what chemical constituents are likely to be present and then we know which preparation methods best suit those constituents
  3. build a direct relationship with a plant and
  4. take ownership of your knowledge and understanding – you’re relying on your OWN experience, rather than just what someone’s said.


How does it work?

This course will run for 4 weeks starting mid-February – both online and in-person (if we meet minimum numbers for in-person).

Both online and in-person will be an experiential exploration of herbs, with plenty of time to learn and discuss.


There’ll be a great workbook to help you learn and document your experiences.

Online will be live zoom sessions (and replays available)

What will we cover?

We’ll cover the 5 primary tastes (although some people say there’s up to 8/9): sour, salty, sweet, pungent and bitter.

Each week, we’ll experience this taste and reflect on our experience with the group. Then we’ll learn:

  • general patterns of herbal actions
  • chemical constituents
  • main herbs with this taste
  • best preparation techniques
  • safety and contraindications


    Key Dates + Info

    ⭐In person course will only run if we get numbers, please enroll if you want to join us.

    ⭐Herbal Tastes Kits will be posted February 6 – if you want this option for the online course, you must enroll by this day!

    ⭐ In person course starts: Saturday February 17, 2:30pm. Yandina ⭐

    ⭐Online course starts: Thursday February 15, 11am Qld time ⭐

    We’ll also have a chance to talk about why different herbal traditions have different tastes, how to understand complexity of tastes in herbs, and different ways to make remedies and why we’d choose one way over another – ie infused oils, vinegars, alcohol tinctures etc.

    I see this course as a really solid starting place so you feel confident to explore and better understand your herbal medicine.

    The reference materials will be thorough and the practices universal, so you can return to them time-and-time again as you meet new herbs.


    I’m super excited to share this journey into herbal tastes with you. Whilst I’ll be guiding you, for me it’s not so much about you learning from me, but introducing you to how you can use your body and senses to learn from the plants themselves.

    This course is as much about a process of embodied herbalism, a process of building relationships and bone-deep understanding that will last your entire herbal journey.


    Course dates:

    In-person course: Saturday, February 17 at 2:30pm and runs for 4 weeks.

    This will be hosted at the gorgeous Kismet cafe in Yandina.

    *The in-person course will only go ahead if we meet minimum numbers.

    Online course starts: Thursday 15th February and runs 4 weeks.

    The live online sessions will be Thursday at 11am Qld time.

    A recording will be sent out the following day, easily downloadable from a Dropbox Folder.

    Can I make this a self-paced course?

    Of course!  

    All the resources will be available for a year following the end of the course for students to access. If you haven’t finished by then, it’s easy to download the course materials to study at your own pace.

    ⭐Special note for online course + Herbal Tastes Sample Kit

     If you’re joining me online and you don’t have heaps of herbs at home, you might want to grab the Herbal Tastes sample kit. It’ll have a few of the harder-to-find herb but I’ll also send a list of some common herbs that you’ll need to source, like lemons or ginger.  Given this is an experiential course, I’d highly recommend it, but it’s not necessary and you can absolutely use what you’ve got or source your own herbs – use contact form if you need help deciding.

    In-person course, everything will be supplied.


    More questions answered below


    When we experience a herb with our senses we’re not just “learning” it, but deeply knowing it.


    Everyday Empowered-Cat Green-2

    About your teacher

    Cat Green is a passionate folk herbalist,  on a mission to bring herbs back where they belong – into our homes!

    On top of running Everyday Empowered, I’m an active homeschooling mom, so I get that your life is probably as busy as mine. Yet I also know you want to clarity and confidence to use herbal medicine in your home.

    I’ve designed this course to be super practical and relevant to you. I think direct experience and embodying your herbal knowledge is the BEST way to learn herbal medicine and it’ll get you from dreaming about making herbal medicine to actually doing it!

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    I’m so keen! How much does it cost?

    I’m so glad you want to deepen your relationship with the plants and build your direct experience! Here are a few prices:


    Earlybird prices available until Jan 7

    Earlybird price: course alone: $160

    Earlybird Price: course + Herbal Taste Sample kit: $200

    Regular price: Course alone: $190

    Regular price: Course + Herbal Taste Sample Kit (a selection of herbs we’ll use to explore each taste): $225



    Earlybird price (available until Jan 7): $160

    Regular Price: $200

    Payment Plans are available – just choose PayPal at checkout and select the Pay in 4 option)

    When does this course start?

    In-person course starts Saturday, Feb 17, 2:30 – 4:30 and runs for 4 weeks.

    This course will only go ahead if we meet numbers so please register.

    Online course starts Thursday Feb 15, 11am QLD time and runs for 5 weeks.

    You have the option of joining live or self-study pace.

    How long does the course go for?

    In-person course runs 4 weeks.

    Online course runs 5 weeks.

    You can follow along with us every week – either live or through replays, or you can have the option of self-paced study in your own time. The benefit of following us live is getting feedback and support and being able to ask questions from her and the others in the group.

    How much time do I need to spend on the course each week?

    The live sessions each week will go for 2 hours.

    Ideally you’ll take what you’ve learnt in this course and continue to play with it at home – this way you’ll learn it and make it your own knowledge and experience.

    This can happen during the 4/5 weeks of the course, or in the months afterwards. The workbooks will be a great resource for you to draw on going forward.

    If you have time during the course, you might like to spend 10 minutes (a day or week) making a tea and taking time to record taste, how you feel.

    With this recommendation, we also know that life is busy, so just honour yourself and your time as needed. You’ve spent money on the course, so take time to connect with your intention and reason for joining us. This might help you prioritise the space for these 6 weeks to dive deeply into learning about these plants. But as always, take time of yourself – you know your own life and capacity best.

    I can't make some of the dates or times for the live course - can I still do it?


    In-person: let’s decide case-by-case, you might be able to join an online sesion but whilst they are run simultaneously, these courses will run as stand-alones.


    Online – If you can’t make the live calls you can still do the course as you can follow the replays and access the pdfs whenever you lik.e

    You can also email me with questions and I’ll answer, either via email or in the live calls. You will also have access to the Facebook group so you can share your questions and experiences with your other people on your course.

    What if I change my mind?

    Once you have signed up you can cancel and get a refund anytime before:

    • your Herbal Sample Kit has been shipped out to you.
    •  you’ve recieved course materials such as the group pages, pdfs or videos

    After that there’s no refunds but you’ll be able to self-study at your own pace if you’re busier than you realised.

    Can I join from Overseas?


    How do I pay? Are there payment plans?

    You can pay online using the secure checkout.

    For a payment plan, just choose the option PayPal – Pay in 4 at checkout.

    Please get in touch if you need another option.

    Do I need to print any resources?

    In-person: I will provide a printed course workbook.



    You will receive the PDF’s as digital file. You don’t have to print them unless you prefer to have them as hard copies.



    What herbs do I need to do the course?

    In-person: I’ll provide all the herbs you’ll need, but you can buy a Herbal Tastes sample kit if you’ve like to continue practicing at home.



    Given this is an experiental course on tasting herbs, I strongly recommend having herbs on hand to work with.

    If you’ve got lots of herbs on hand, or have both our DIY remedy kits, you’ll have some of the herbs we’ll taste, and some you can get from the supermarket (ie garlic and lemon).

    You can also buy a Herbal Tastes sample kit which will have all the main herbs we’ll talk about in the course.

    I’m still finalsing this list, so please get in touch if you want to see what you’ve already got, or could easily access locally to you.

    My child loves herbal medicine, will this course suit them?

    It depends on the age of your child. If they are over 12 years old and open to talk of energetics then they can participate on their own. If they are under 12 you may want to do the course with your child or assist them where you feel it is needed.


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