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17 Feb 2021 | Digital, Personal and Family


Imagine you’re an explorer of old, looking out over a vast landscape of new flora and fauna. Everything looks different, the quality of the light, the plants, the sounds, the very stars in the sky. You’re disoriented, and feel both exhilarated and anxious in turn.
Parents of digital natives are these explorers of old. We’re pioneer parents, facing a brave new (digital) world and we desperately want our most precious cargo to make it safely through.
As a community, we have a wide variety of reactions to screens and our kids. Some parents proudly tell me how their toddler can navigate apps on their smartphone. Others whisper their secret fears of danger and harm. Most agree that the speed of change is overwhelming and they can’t keep up.
Rather than blindly navigating this new terrain based on gut feel, imagine how much more confidently we could navigate with a map, a compass and a hardy dose of common sense.

In my 2 hour Screen-Smart Family workshop, this is exactly what I hope to put in your hands. A map with a direction forward. A compass that’s built on a set of foundational principles, which I call digital life skills; and a hardy dose of common sense.

Leaving metaphor behind, you’ll leave the workshop with a comprehensive workbook and you’ll know how to:

  • set age-appropriate rules with your kids
  • deal with scary situations online
  • know the biggest influence on your kids technology use

Particularly important to me is that this workshop is a guilt-free, shame-free event where I encourage each of you to find out what works for your kids and your family. We’ll learn a set of foundational principles for setting rules and tackling problems as they arise, and then we’ll have space to discuss what that looks like in your particular context.

Our next workshop:

Saturday, March 6 | 2-4pm. Gathered Folk, Noosaville

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