Organic Thyme Refill


Thymus Vulgaris. 50g

Thyme is such a common friend that we often overlook it when we think about medicinal herbs, but as I always say to people, they’re common to us for a reason! They were the familiar go-to herbs for people, careful passed down to us as a culinary tradition (and an interrupted medicinal one).

But back to thyme. I hope you loved making your thyme-based herbal remedies with the full-sized and MINI Herbal Starter Kits and that they have been useful herbal remedies in your home.

We really just started scratching the surface with thyme (and we didn’t even mention that it’s delicious over potatoes – so grab another packet and keep exploring ways to use it in your life). It’s mentioned in some of the books I sell, so check them out, or use the contact form to find out exactly which ones and if they’re currently in stock.



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