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7 Sep 2022 | Digital, Personal and Family


As a parent, I’ve had to tackle my own fears whilst researching this workshop – deep diving into online grooming and sexual solicitation, sexting, cyberbullying… But rather than shriveling up and locking my kids in their rooms (without a device thank you), what I’ve learnt has empowered me, comforted me and led me to rethink what I knew about kids online. This shift in mindset, to confident, empowered and positive is something I’d like to share with you!

The Screen-Smart Families workshop has been designed with busy parents in mind. It’s a crash course on how screens can impact our family and what we can do about it. It’s about setting up strong foundations so that your family can develop a healthy relationship with technology.

What this workshop is:

  • Developing a tech-positive vision
  • Learning foundational principles to develop a healthy relationship with technology
  • A supportive community to share the ups and downs of parenting in the digital age. We’re here to have nonjudgmental, compassionate, and honest dialogue.
  • Have a plan, and a basic understanding of where we’re going as parents in this new ‘wide open frontier’
  • All about you and your family. I’m not going to tell you who you should be or how your family should use technology. You’ll get to explore what the foundational principles and expert recommendations look like in your context.

What this workshop isn’t:
The scope of internet and kids is huge! Honestly, the sheer number of topics and issues that various families will encounter is enormous, and beyond the scope of any one workshop to cover. This workshop will give you the solid foundation you need to set up a healthy digital culture in your family, and we’ll cover some of the hot topics that you and your kids might encounter online. This workshop:

  • isn’t solely about cyber safety. We’ll cover how to stay safe online and what to do when scary stuff happens, but we won’t get as in-depth as a cyber safety expert. Stay tuned though if you want that help, and we’ll organise a cyber safety expert to come and talk to us one day too.
  • isn’t based on fear, guilt or worry. Like fearless warriors we will cover all the common issues your kids could face online – even the ones that make you want to bury into your doona wishing you’d never had kids –  but by supporting each other and  having a plan, we’ll walk away feeling confident and empowered.

So whatever questions you’ve got – bring them!
Think you don’t need to come to this yet – come anyway!
Wish you could be doing something else with your precious time – then let’s make this time count!

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