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Making herbal education accessible

Putting calendula in jar to remedy from the Herbal Starter Kit. Learning to make simple herbal medicine to use in daily life.

FREE Online Sage Class

Sage is kinda like Clark Kent. Very common and unassuming in daylight, but boy, when she puts on her superhero costume, she’s a powerhouse you don’t want to be without.


This FREE Masterclass is for anyone who wants to get to know how to use this effective, potent, yet widely available herb at home.

Our time together will be a blend of storytelling, science, history and folklore

We’ll explore:

🌿what Sage does (herbal actions)

🌿when and how to use Sage (indications) 

🌿when not to (contraindications) 

🌿safety issues

🌿how to make simple herbal remedies

🌿how to grow and harvest


How it works:

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 6pm

Location: wherever you’re comfy on zoom

Time: goes for 1 hour

Join: pop you name/email on the the pop-up form (if you’ve dismissed it, just press the gift icon in lower right hand corner of your screen (or hit page refresh). You’ll get an email with the zoom link

Replays? The will available as a free bonus for our Building Immunity course.


Why a whole hour on one herb!?

There’s a few reasons –

1. I weave in other foundational herbal concepts when I talk about plants, so you’ll walk away learning a bit about taste, energetics, basic remedy-making skills etc.

2. I’m a big advocate for knowing your herbs well.

Rather than knowing how to use 40 herbs 1 way, come learn how to use this one herb, 40 ways! (ps, haven’t technically counted, but you get the point 🤣)

You’ll leave feeling you’ve made a friend and feel super confident to make remedies with Sage in your home!