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Picture of yellow, fluffy wattle in sunlight. Part of seasonal self-care is paying attention to the world around you. Spring Equinox reflection guide to help you connect deeply with nature and living more seasonally.

FREE Spring Equinox Reflection Guide

How do we relate to the land? How do we let it guide us and our daily rhythms of self-care/ home-healthcare?

How can we attune ourselves to the natural world outside our doors?

This deep relationship and dance with nature is the heart of seasonal living and bring such depth and connection to humble acts of self-care in daily life.

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3 Remedies for Every Home

Herbal medicine was traditionally the medicine of the people! It was abundant, often growing right outside your front door!

I think simple herbal remedies should be in every home around Australia and I’m super excited to help you get started – or continue if you already make remedies at home.

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3 remedies for Every home – EBook -FINAL2


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