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I've used all the herbs in my Herbal Starter Kit, where do I get more?

Awesome work, making all those remedies! Hope they’ve been useful! We want to make it super easy for people so we sell refills for herbs that are in our kits. As our range expands, the number of refills we sell will expand as well, but we’re not aiming to be a herb distributor. There are many places online that offer that, and you might be able to support a local herbalist in your area by buying locally-grown herbs or locally-made remedies.

I loved the Starter Kit, and I want to keep learning, what next?

Firstly, so glad you’ve loved it! There’s a few different ways you can learn depending where you are, and how you like to learn.

1. Everyday Herbalism: The Basics is the companion course to the Herbal Starter Kit. It’s a great way to explore each of the kits herbs in depth and really enhance your skill and confidence.

2. We’ve got a variety of kits releasing in early 2023, and these will make great next steps to get to know other common home remedies. Launching in 2023 are the Immunity and MINI Coughs kits.

3. I’ve got a variety of herbal medicine books which are a great support to a home herbalist. Many of them suit beginner to intermediate herbal students or home herbalists.

I missed the Everyday Herbalism course, will you run it again?

Sorry you missed out, and of course we will! Not sure how often as we’re running other courses in 2023 as well, but we will definitely run it annually if not twice/ year.


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