Chinese Medicine 5 Element Nutrition Masterclass

Post-HerbFest MASTERCLASS in 5 Element Nutrition. Learn how to use food as medicine with this ancient chinese medicine wisdom. Image is of Kimberly Ashton stirring a salad. Natural Health workshop | Everyday Empowered

What’s the surprising overlooked factor in modern conversations on diet?

The changing seasons.

If the seasons ebb and flow throughout the year, why do we think a uniform, same-food-every-season approach to nutrition will see us thrive!?

Ancient Chinese medicine knew that to be healthy is to live in alignment with the seasons – to create seasonal harmony.

In this 3 hour Masterclass, Kimberly Ashton is going to dish the secrets on how to tune in to the world around you to eat for optimum health.

This will be a very practical, immediately-applicable deep dive into seasonal eating according to the ancient Chinese wisdom of 5 elements nutrition.

You’ll be inspired to inhabit this wise and ancient worldview that saw food as PART of something bigger than itself. ie part of:

  • the changing seasons;
  • all of us – knowing food affects people differently;
  • the whole meal – food combinations and cooking techniques matter and they’ll change how food affects our bodies

The penny will drop that food can’t just be reduced to its isolated constituents or ‘superfood’ status and we need a more holistic way to understand and talk about food – in relationship to the world around us.

What does the workshop cover?

You’ll learn about the connection between the 5 seasons, flavours, energetic properties of different foods and herbs. You’ll learn ways of cooking for balancing mood, well-being & life energies. 

If you’re feeling disconnected from nature, and from a holistic food culture, you’ll love this workshop.

5 element nutrition is all about us reclaiming and returning to the natural world and having a clear roadmap for how that applies to what we cook and eat.


Valdora Community Hall is located at 360 Valdora Rd, Valdora QLD 4561.

Valdora is a suburb between Coolum and Yandina, near Mt Ninderry.

HerbFest Masterclasses

Whilst these amazingly knowledgeable speakers are on the Sunshine Coast for HerbFest, I asked them to stay and teach us more!

Tatiana from FNQ is also doing a Masterclass – a deep dive into the wonderful wild and weedy Plantain! (Click here)

If you want to do a full day of Masterclasses, with both Tatiana and Kimberly – buy a full-day ticket. You’ll need to BYO lunch.

Earlybird prices end June 7

Curious but want to know if it’s right for you?

I loved hearing Kimberly talk about 5 element nutrition on the SuperFeast podcast – definitely left me wanting to know the nitty gritty details of how I use this ancient wisdom as everyday kitchen medicine in my home! Take a listen

Btw – this is a follow-up MASTERCLASS following on from Kimberly’s shorter HerbFest talk. Come see her 30 min intro at HerbFest- along with an amazing line-up of speakers and topics, all around kitchen medicine.

Meet Kimberly Ashton

Kimberly Ashton is a 5 Elements wellness coach, energy healer, Yin Yoga teacher, author & educator focusing on intuitive eating and food energetics. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit she spent over 16 years in Greater China, 8 of which she co-owned China’s first health food store, cafe & teaching kitchen, inspiring clients to restore their well-being through 5 element nutrition.

Kimberly believes in the power of reconnecting with the elements and natural world, and realigning our individual & collective relationship to food, emotional & energetic health.

In 2019 she published her second book “Chinese Superfoods” which encourages new generations of nutrition enthusiasts to explore Asian traditional foods, everyday ingredients & get back in the kitchen. It has sold over 7000 copies and is in its 2nd reprint in Mandarin, Chinese. She is also the co-author of a TCM e-book series which focuses on theory & recipes for each of the 5 elements and health imbalances.

She is launching an online 5 Element Nutrition training course in September 2024.

Check out Qi Food Therapy and get to know Kimberly better (click here)

  • Date : June 17, 2024
  • Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (UTC+10)
  • Reg. Deadline : June 17, 2024 12:00 pm
  • Venue : Valdora Community Hall

Purchase Ticket

Earlybird (before June 7) (99996 seats remaining)
General Ticket (100000 seats remaining)
Full day of Masterclasses (99998 seats remaining)

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