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3 things I wish I’d known sooner when fending off a cold/flu with herbs

I used elderberry syrup with my family for years before I really understood how to use her medicine well to fend off a cold/flu.

Let’s shortcut that journey for you with my top 3 tips!

🌿Tip 1: Use it as soon as you get sick.

Pay attention to your early warning signs of being sick – it might be a little tickle in the throat, it might be that you cry more easily at silly mistakes or feel like going to bed 2 hours earlier. It might be a certain glassy look in your childs eye… when we get to know ourselves, we’ll discover our unique early warning signs.

THIS is the time to take some elderberry syrup (or your preferred immune stimulant remedy – there’s some other options mentioned below)

🌿Tip 2: Dose small but often.

During the first 12-24 hours of being sick – take small doses frequently – even up to every hour.

This has been enough for us to stop a cold from landing – but then you also need tip 3.


🌿Tip 3: Keep taking it

Oh gosh, many’s the time I’ve congratulated myself at throwing off a cold, for it to then land two days later – always felt like a real Homer Simpson moment 😒

That’s how I learned that whether you’ve thrown off, or reduced severity of the cold, your immune system might still be taxed and the virus might still be lingering – you need to keep gently supporting your immune system, so keep taking your immune stimulant herbs!

In our new DIY Immunity Remedy Kit, you can make these remedies to help fend off a cold or shorten the duration and severity:
⭐Elderberry Syrup
⭐Echinacea Glycetract
⭐Sage and Echinacea Mouth and Sore Throat Spray
⭐Olive leaf tea
⭐Olive leaf tincture




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